About Me


How did I get into this?

Well, I spent most of my childhood trying to be an artist just like my mother and brother. I never could get a pencil to do what I wanted though. I had come to terms with the fact that I was not an artist.

Later on, long after I’d given up on art, my daughter wanted a face painter for her birthday and I thought “She’s young and would be happy with any kind of paint!” I picked up a little face paint kit from Michaels and gave it a go. The kids loved it! At the time, I ran a day home and used that opportunity to “use up” my kit. As I ran out of 1 color, I would replace it with a full-sized color from the store until I accidentally had a full kit! The things you can do with a full kit were amazing and I felt like I just needed a few fancy one-strokes and that’s it, nothing too extravagant. That snow-balled very quickly. From there, I was hooked.

I kept on painting in all the free time I had, it was relaxing and brought me so much happiness. Until my husband, friends and family and even people I didn’t know were asking when I was going to take myself seriously, it took a while for me to gain that confidence but once I did, The Crooked Lion was born.

I spend a lot of time cultivating my skills as a face painter and I want it to show in my work. I focus on two things, quality -which is of utmost importance and speed – which, let’s be honest here, kids have a short attention span and I need to move quick!

There is something magical that happens when I paint a young one or even a young-at-heart. Their eyes light up and I share the awe that they feel when they are transformed. I like sharing those moments no matter what the event, I am always honored to be invited to share it with you.

Painting is not a job for me. It’s not my source of income and it’s not something I have to do. Face painting is where the world comes alive for me.